Following the release of the CSO’s November Residential Property Price Index there has been much discussion in the media and from commentators regarding the development of a two-tier housing market in Ireland.

Comparatively the annual increase of residential property prices in Dublin (+13.1%) compared to the rest of Ireland (-0.6%) suggests differing market conditions. Ongoing reports regarding supply, demand and development policies in particular areas further fuels this argument.

In response to the ongoing discussion AIRO has developed a data viz which looks at Ireland’s national house price performance in comparison to Dublin’s. The data viz based on the CSO’s Residential Property Price Index provides monthly data on Change since September 2012, Overall Change Since Peak (Circa 2012) and RPP Index score since the inception of the Property Price Index in 2005.

This tool will allow users to examine comparatively how the Dublin and National (ex Dublin) markets have performed since pre-boom times and the relationships they have shared over that period. Users can use the filters to assess particular periods or elements of the data.