About the Datastore

The AIRO Data Store has been created by the team at AIRO and NIRSA as a means of making our working data more accessible to the public. Rather than just dumping out masses of raw data we have taken the time to clean it up, add extra value and hopefully make it as useful to you as possible. Our main trick is to ensure it has a spatial element for use in a GIS.

There are many data-sets available from a wide range of sources and sectors (CSO, NISRA, all-island census, crime, economy, live register etc) and everything is set up at the national or all-island scale. Over the coming months we will be releasing additional sets of data from current and past projects.

Our data is currently available as .csv and .shp format (xml and kml also available if required) and on-line tutorials on how to use the data are available here. Individual AIRO mapping tools are also available to help you visualise the data where possible. To get access to either a Electoral Division (ED) or Small Area (SA) file to accompany our census data (RoI or AI) please contact us (pending licence agreements we will hopefully have these added to the site soon). 

If you have data and want to make it available via our site then please contact AIRO.

*Other key data portals in Ireland are StatCentral, ISDE, Geoportal, DubLinked and Data.gov.ie

**To download an incredible set of spatial data from OpenStreetMap for Ireland click here

*** To use all of this in an excellent free and open source GIS then check out QGIS

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