Iontas Building, NUI Maynooth

We have just launched the next set of dates for our Data for Decisions workshops - September 16th, October 21st and November 18th.

The workshops include:

  • Introductory lecture on the principles of GIS
  • Overview of statistical datasets and sources in Ireland (both authorative and open-source)
  • Series of practical sessions using QGIS

On completion of the one day workshop users have a much greater awareness of spatial data in Ireland and are able to execute many of the basic functionality in QGIS such as data importing, data management, data analysis and high quality thematic map development.

To discuss a specifically designed workshop to cater for your data needs please contact AIRO. Go to our Training section for more details on pricing and technical requirements.

Data for Decision testimonials

"The contents certainly suited my needs for a preliminary introduction into conveying data through mapping techniques as it is something which I find increasing useful in the stories I write"

Sean McCarthaigh, Senior Reporter - Irish Examiner

"Very good content and level of detail considering limited time available. I learned a lot about data and software that I was not fully aware was available"

Brian Cosgrove, Assistant Fire Officer - Kildare County Council

"The workshop was very relative to the planning department particularly the planning policy section. There is so much information available and I think QGIS is a brilliant tool for making use of the information available and making it presentable and understandable and relative to specific areas of interest"

Louise Aherne, Forward Planning - Cork City Council