Local Authority Mapping

Local Authority Mapping Modules have been produced for all local authorities (31) within the Republic of Ireland. Data is available at Electoral Division (ED) and the new Small Areas (SAs) boundaries for each module. The data used in these mapping modules is from the 2006 and 2011 Census.

Data within these modules are available at Electoral Division (ED) and Small Area (SA) spatial scale and include over 700 variables from the 2006 and 2011 Census. The main themes in the modules are as follows: Population, Religion, Nationality, Household Structure, Housing, Economic Status, Social Class, Socio-Economic Group (SEG), Education, Transport, Industry, Occupation and IT Accessibility.

The AIRO team has also included additional non-census datasets such as the AIRO Accessibility Score (health, education, retail, transport), the Pobal HP Deprivation Index and results from the Local Property Tax (LPT).

If you are interested in adding additional datasets to the mapping module please get in touch with the AIRO team. Full data downloads from our mapping modules are also available through the AIRO Data Store.