Working in close collaboration with the Central Statistics Office (CSO) the team at AIRO have developed a very detailed national census mapping viewer for the Republic of Ireland. This toolkit provides a national level visualisation of more than 130 census variables.

Themes and Variables

This mapping viewer displays the results from the 2011 Census and includes 130+ variables (raw counts, percentages, ratios) on the following themes:

  • population
  • religion
  • nationality
  • social class
  • education
  • principal economic status
  • occupation
  • industry of employment
  • transport
  • communications
  • housing
  • health
  • disability

Variables are mapped at both Electoral Division (ED) and Small Area (SA) spatial scales. Users can click on individual areas on the map which will open a pop up that provides additional information.

All of the data behind our mapping viewer is also available for download through our Data Store.

For more details on CSO Census themes, original datasets and accompanying boundary file please visit the CSO Census website