Mapping tool that visualises the travel to work catchments of the main cities and towns in Ireland. This tool is built using results from Place of Work Census Anonymised Results (POWCAR) data from Census 2011.

As part of the Census 2011 processing programme the place of work, school or college details were geo-coded. All workers resident in Ireland on Census night were coded to their place of work and all Irish resident students from the age of 5 and upwards were coded to their place of school/college. A detailed file containing the demographic and socio-economic characteristics of these residents along with information on the origin and destination of their journeys has been made available for analysis. 

Using this dataset, the AIRO project team have visualised the workforce catchment area of 20 different urban areas. The maps display the percentage of the workforce within each ED that have a work destination within the selected CSO Settlement boundary.

For more details on gaining access to the POWCAR dataset please visit the CSO.