Census mapping toolkit for the Dundalk Institute of Technology catchment area

This mapping tool is an output from a project that AIRO carried out for DunDalk Institute of Technology (DkIT) in 2012 - "Foundations for Future Growth: A socio-economic profile of the DkIT catchment".

This research project performed by the All Island Research Observatory (AIRO) at NUI Maynooth provides a detailed socio-economic profile of the North East Region in which DkIT is positioned. Using the Census 2011 data and other data sources, a report has been provided for a number of key indicators. Importantly, this report is also supported by a detailed web based mapping toolkit. Information on indicators such as population, levels of education, employment status, industry of employment and the DkIT feeder schools are included. This information will assist DkIT in future planning processes and will also be of value to other stakeholders in the North East Region.