Recorded Crime Mapping Module

The toolkit has two main sets of data available to users – a very detailed set of crime categories at the Garda Division level and then a trimmed down set available at the much more detailed Garda Station spatial scale. The crime categories are based on the Irish Crime Classification System (ICCS).The first set of data on the tool is available at a much more detailed spatial scale with information available for 704 Garda stations across the country. For instance, within county Clare data is available for 24 different Garda stations. Crime data on particularly sensitive offences such as Homicide, Sexual Offences and Kidnapping have been excluded at the station level in order to protect individual rights to privacy. This data is available from 2003 on an annual basis.

The second set of data at Garda Division level is very detailed and relates to specific crime categories; however it is only available at abroad spatial scale. Counties Cavan and Monaghan for instance comprise a single Garda Division. This Data is available from 2004 on a quarterly basis.

The second module available shows the distribution of criminal incidents, detection rates and court proceedings at a division level (24) for 2009 and 2010.The criminal incidents that are recorded in this module include Homicide Offences, Sexual Offences, Attempt/Threat to Murder, Dangerous or Negligent acts, Kidnapping and Related Offences, Robbery, Extortion and Hijacking, Burglary and Related Offences, Theft and Related Offences, Fraud and Deception, Controlled Drugs, Weapons and Explosives, Damage to the property and environment, Public Order, Road Traffic Offences, Offences against Government, Offences not elsewhere classified.

 Each theme is then further sub-divided into the number of offences recorded, rate of offences per 100,000 population, number of offences detected, detection rate and number of offences with relevant proceedings. For more information on the technical terms used here such as 'Recorded Offences' and 'Detected Offences' see the following source document from the CSO: Garda Recorded Crime Statistics, 2006-2010

Please also visit the AIRO Data Store to download this data with accompanying mapping files

The team at AIRO have also developed a series of interactive crime dashboards that have been featured in the Irish Examiner.