Kilkenny Social Inclusion Monitoring Tool

New ways of Mapping Social Exclusion in Kilkenny County was a pilot study for Rural Counties completed in 2010. The Mapping Module provides users with with an interactive and accessible mapping tool that uses data from a variety of governmental agencies.Datasets that are available within the module include:

  • Kilkenny City Small Areas - Live Register

Concerning the 103 Small Areas within Kilkenny City and Environs. Unemployment Benefit data is available detailing the type of payment, gender, age group and length of time in receipt of social welfare benefit.

  • Kilkenny County Small Areas - Accessibility

Average distance has been calculated from each Small Area in Kilkenny (377) to a wide range of public facilities within the county - Health, Education, Public Services, FAS, Recreation, Community and Public Transport.

  • Kilkenny Social Inclusion - Electoral Division and Small Area

Census and Non Census data is available here at ED Level. The following themes are covered using Census data from 2002 and 2006: Population, Age, Dependency Ratios, Marital Status, Nationalities, Labour Force Groupings and Economic Dependency, Industry of Employment, Education Levels, Transport, Social Classes, Households, Travellers, Disability, Housing, and the SAHRU Deprivation Index. Non Census data available includes date regarding the Live Register at an ED Level, this data concerns the Type of Payment, Gender, Age Group, and Length of time claiming Social Welfare Payments.