The overall aim of the Southside Partnership Mapping Module is to highlight the potential of mapping social inclusion data at a local level to improve decision making, planning and monitoring.

To date government departments have yet to develop proper and integrated data management systems and as a result planners and researchers are unable to benefit from the detail that is held within administrative datasets.  The project specifically addressed this issue and worked towards the development of a local level social inclusion monitoring tool by mapping the Live Register database held within the Department of Social Protection.

Southside Partnership now have access to Live Register data at the neighbourhood level. Prior to this project the most detailed data was available at the Social Welfare Office level (Dún Laoghaire, Bray and Nutgrove).

Data available within the Southside Partnership monitoring tool is available at the ED/EA Level. Variables available include:

  • Type of Payment (Jobseekers Payment, Jobseekers Allowance, One Parent Family)
  • Gender
  • Age Group (Under 25, 25-64 etc)
  • Length of Time of Claim (short term ot long-term unemployed)
  • Previous Occupation.

You can download a presentation on the project background here