AIRO have developed a data visualisation presenting a summary of long term Live Register figures between January 2007 and September 2015. These figures allow us to monitor the changing landscape in relation to Live Register claimants across a sustained period of contrasting economic conditions. 
This data is categorised by Age Category and Gender and allows users to view the Percentage Change from January 2007 or the Seasonally Adjusted count of Live Register claimants. The data viz also includes data presenting the long term Standardised Unemployment Rate for the monthly period between 1983 and 2015. Interact with the visualisation below by using the data selection filters. 
Mapping Module
To look at Live Register data in more detail, AIRO have also updated their Social Welfare Monitoring Tool with the latest round of figures published by the CSO for the Month of September 2015. This module presents the number of Live Register claimants for all 124 Social Welfare Offices across the Republic of Ireland. 
This data is categorised by Gender and also by Age Category and contains percentage change figures to facilitate time series monitoring for each Social Welfare office.
This module is updated on a monthly basis and is available to view here. More information on the Live Register can be found by visiting the CSO
Additionally, all data contained within this Module is available to download as a .CSV or as a Shapefile through the AIRO Datastore.