The Southern and Eastern Regional Assembly have launched on their website a new data dashboard developed by AIRO containing all of the scores and data from the Gateways and Hubs Development Index (GHDI). The GHDI reports are a detailed assessment of the socio-economic performance of individual Gateways and Hubs as designated under the National Spatial Strategy (NSS) 2002-2020. The reports contain indicator data from 2009 and 2012 spread across eight domains covering the following themes:

  • Domain 1: Population and Age Dependency
  • Domain 2: Enterprise and Employment
  • Domain 3: Knowledge and Innovation
  • Domain 4: Natural and Physical Environment
  • Domain 5: Transport and Connectivity
  • Domain 6: Health and Wellness
  • Domain 7: Crime and Disorder
  • Domain 8: Affluence and Deprivation

The opening dashboard contains the overall index scores for each Gateway and Hub while the other eight tabs contain the underlying domain data used to achieve those index scores. The dashboards mirror the contents and structure of the Gateways and Hubs Development Index reports which are available to view and download here

The dashboards were developed using Tableau software and area available to view here.

If you would like more information on interactive data dashboards please contact us here.