AIRO, in conjunction with NCG, have just re-launched their Historical Mapping Atlas for all 32 counties across the island of Ireland. The data contained within these online atlases include Irish Population Change data for every decade between 1841 and 2002 and Irish Famine Data relating to agriculture, population density and housing data between the years 1841 and 1851.

The latest version of Instant Atlas was used to update these Historical Mapping Atlases and provide a fresh view of visualising the changing demographics across Ireland in the previous hundred and fifty years. 

The Boundaries used in this atlas are based on the historic Electoral Division boundaries created in the second half of the 1840’s. A boundary set was created of 3432 ED’s (Electoral Divisions) in accordance with those set out in the 1851 census. The data used in relation to population was taken from 16 censuses, taken from the Republic and Northern Ireland between 1841 and 2002.

These Online Atlas projects have been funded by an IRCHSS Senior Research Scholarship awarded to the National Centre for Geocomputation, NUI Maynooth in 2010. The research was carried out by Caroline Treacy and Mary Kelly.

All maps produced in this Historical Mapping Tool were produced under the National Centre for Geocomputation (NCG) mapping license: Ordnance Survey Ireland Licence number EN. 0072711 © Ordnance Survey Ireland / Government of Ireland.

Visit the Historical Mapping page to select you county of choice. Once the mapping application opens you can view both population statisics and Famine statistics (crops, population, housing etc): View Here