AIRO have updated their Recorded Crime Monitoring Tool across the Republic of Ireland with new CSO data available at Garda Divisionional level for the second quarter of 2015.

This data is very detailed and shows the distribution of criminal incidents relating to specific crime categories, dating back to 2004, including:

  • Homicide Offences
  • Sexual Offences
  • Attempts/Threats to Murder, assaults, harassments and related offences
  • Dangerous or Negligent acts
  • Kidnapping and Related Offences
  • Robbery, Extortion and Hijacking
  • Burglary and Related Offences
  • Theft and Related Offences
  • Fraud, Deception and Related Offences
  • Controlled Drug Offences
  • Weapons and Explosives Offences
  • Damage to Property and environment,
  • Public Order and other social code offences
  • Offences against the Government, justice procedures and organisation of crime

You can access the Monitoring Tool through the following link or by navigating to the Crime theme located within AIRO Research Themes.

This data is also available for download through the AIRO Datastore as a .CSV file or as a Shapefile.