Mapping and Spatial Analysis at AIRO and NUI Maynooth uses formal techniques to address the geographic, and topological aspects of the natural and man-made environments.  AIRO researchers are at the forefront of mapping and interpretation of complex spatial properties, patterns and processes of social, economic and environmental phenomena.
Our work enables the creation of sustainable and inclusive approaches to improve the planning of national and regional infrastructure and align policy responses to human need
AIRO now acts as the main mapping and technical spatial analysis core of NIRSA and has developed mapping projects for clients using a wide range of spatial datasets on census, transport, crime, environment, health and economic datasets.


This Western Development Commission (WDC) Policy Briefing seeks to show the extent of rural commuting to urban centres for work and identifies some of the key labour market characteristics of those commuting. It highlights the importance of the rural labour supply to towns and gateways and considers some policy implications such as the importance of commuting in sustaining rural incomes.