Evidence informed planning and socio-demographic analysis is the core competency of AIRO team members. With expert knowledge of Irish and EU socio-demographic datasets (census, administrative and in-house AIRO data) we can tell you how your area is performing and provide the most detailed statistical baseline for future planning and policy making.

If you are looking for data on population, family cycle, unemployment, deprivation, education, transport etc then we can help you develop the knowledge and insight you need to make more informed decisions.

AIRO has an excellent track record working with Irish and EU organisations in this area. Recent projects have been with Meath Local Authorities, Kildare Local Authorities, Dundalk Institute of Technology (DKIT) and the Regional Assemblies of Ireland (BMW and S&E)


The recently published “Putting People First - New Role for Local Government” (PPF) promotes a “clearer and enhanced role for local government in promoting and facilitating enterprise and economic development”. It requires the preparation of Regional Spatial and Economic Strategies by the proposed new Regional Assemblies to underpin the economic dimensions of the NSS or succeeding documents.

In order to prepare for the establishment of the LCDCs and the Local Economic and Community Plan (LECP), Kildare County Council (KCC) commissioned the All-Island Research Observatory (AIRO) at NUI Maynooth to develop an in-depth county profile. The intention is that this report offers an insight into Census 2011 that can be built upon going forward in conjunction with Kildare Local Authorities, the LCDC and other partners.